L'arome slimming serum


Selamat Datang!! selamat hari raya aidil fitri ..jom kembali slim selepas penuh undangan open house hanya dgn 2kali sapuan L'arome tanpa perlu diet marshafarina2@gmail.com

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


                SMART COLLECTION PERFUME is a frangrant product borne of the correct blend of certain fragrant substances in a certain proportion.it is worn on the skin to give off a particular frangrance,mask body odours,attract the opposite sex, make a personal statement or just because it pleases you the wearer.

SMART COLLECTION is an alcoholic perfumes that are in the category of "Eau De Parfume".smart collection perfumes is in body spray type that is light in fragrance and refreshing and is generally used after a bath. Since a spray bottle is sealed all the time, it has a longer shelf life for you to enjoy.

SMART COLLECTION offers a range of perfume scent that inspired by international brand perfumes. You can pick and choose type of perfume that suits the occasion.


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