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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tips on wearing and looking good in a tudung (dpt drpd satu w/site)

Tips on wearing and looking good in a tudung (dpt drpd satu w/site)

Tip 1: Always wear a sturdy cap/hair band to hold hair in place

Your tudung will not fall off and stay put.

The tudung is easier to fold, looks neater and you look prettier.

Tip 2: Choose good quality material

Choose light, airy material like cotton or voile (kain bawal), which are great for everyday wear.

Use chiffon, organza, silk for special occasions like kenduri (party), dinner etc.

Tip 3: Choose right color and pattern

Never wear a patterned tudung with a patterned outfit. (U will look 'crowded' or busy' in other words-berserabut)

eg.: Flower patterned tudung with a flower patterned blouse/baju kurung is a 'no-no'.

Tip 4: Choose colors that complement your skin.

If you have light/fair skin, you can wear almost any color; but don't choose colors that are too bright like shocking pink, yellow or green.

If you have slightly medium/darker skin (sawo matang) then you should choose soft, pastel colors like beige, soft pinks, whites, blues, green etc. Avoid dark colors like black, dark brown, gray etc. as this will make your face look unattractive.

You can match different colored tudung with a different colored blouse as long as it's in the same ###### color.


i) You can match a brown tudung with black, white, moss green, dark yellow blouse

ii) Or match a dark red blouse with white or dark pink tudung

In any occasion please make sure your tudung is properly done so none of your hair strand would come out and the shadow of your neck and skin is not visible.

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